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The Gateway to the European history opens its doors!

Discover the beautifully restored St. Martin basilica. Open from June 2015.
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Finally the basilica can be shown to the public! After a restoration of more than 20 years and a closure of 2 years the St. Martin basilica is restored again in all her medieval beauty. From June 1th 2015, guided tours are possible again. Not only the basilica was refreshed, but also the tour arrangements were updated and expanded!

A visit to St. Martin basilica is an experience on his own! Book your day trip to Halle today and be one of the first to visit the beautifully restored basilica.

The newly restored Basilica tells the history of the pilgrimage Halle. You will be introduced to the legendary Black Madonna and her cannonballs. You will discover the 16th century Mone altarpiece, a gift from Emperor Charles V, the unique 14th century baptisterium, the unique 15th century College of the 12 apostles in the presbytery and so much more... Enjoy the panoramic view on the highest floor of the tower and combine it with a visit to the belfry museum and of the unique church attic. Search along for the solution of the mystery of the architect. Watch the short film with the Flemish actor Hubert Damen and architect Karel Breda. Discover objects and places you would never get to see otherwise, or dive into the mystery and search with your family and friends to find the architect with the interactive iPad-Mystery game. Be sure to check out our new arrangements in which you can enjoy the new basilica wine or a nice glass of bubbles and the surprising artisan chocolate cannonballs !

All visits are accompanied by an expert guide. 

  • The Discovery lets you discover the beautifully restored interior, the baptistery and the restored exterior of the basilica.
  • The Mystery immerses you in one of the oldest mysteries of our basilica , namely the Mystery of the Architect. Actor Hubert Damen (known as Witse) and architect Karel Breda take you along through the short film. After the film you can discover the tracks of the architect in the Basilica by yourself.
  • The Experience gives an extra dimension to your visit. You dive into ‘The Mystery’, visits the basilica and finish with a refined tasting of the basilica wine and the artisan crafted chocolate cannonballs.
  • The Nocturne lets you enjoy ‘The Experience’ at night. Your visit starts at 6 pm and you discover the pilgrimage immersed in a special fairy lightning that will leave you speechless. At the end, you can enjoy the basilica wine and the artisan crafted chocolate cannonballs. Attention! Only a limited number of Nocturnes possible per month. 


Would you rather be festively spoiled during ‘The Experience’ or ‘The Nocturne’ with a sparkling glass of bubbles? Add this to your reservation and we make it happen! Furthermore, you may also take your special engraved basilica glass with you at home as a souvenir! For each type of visit you get (from June 2015 ) the new visitor's guide of the basilica with a convenient floor plan of the church and a hike plan of Halle for free!

Guided tours are possible every day, except during masses and maintenance work in the church. On Thursday and Saturday mornings the basilica is reserved for prayer and no guided tours are possible. A visit to the treasury of the Basilica will be possible again from 2016

Spend a day in Halle or explore the country side and surroundings!

Combine your visit and explore Halle, Pajottenland & Zennevallei in a surprising day trip. Walk through the fascinating medieval centre of Halle, under the guidance of a local guide, along the Grand Place and its monuments. Our region has a lot to offer, such as a visit to one of the many lambic breweries, a tasting of local beers and products in the Streekproducten Centrum, a business visit to Colruyt, the stunning natural beauty of our forest, “Hallerbos”, the majestic castles of Gaasbeek en Beersel and don’t forget to bring a visit to the brand new city museum “Den Ast”, with the wonderful exhibition of ‘The Holy Virgin’ and a unique experience along the industrial malting process in the authentic setting of the restored malting van Roye .

Ask for the different lunch formulas that we can offer in cooperation with the restaurants of Halle, “Pajottenland & Zennevallei”.

There is an English speaking guide available € 60.00.
A visit lasts 1h30 to 2h00, depending on the wishes of the group.
€ 30 will be charged additional per extra hour.
The group will be divided into 2 groups when it includes 25 people.
An extra guide will be provided.

More information
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Toerisme Pajottenland & Zennevallei vzw
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E-mail: info@toerisme-pajottenland.be

Click below on your visit of choice for further details of the various arrangements.

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